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Information On Women And Heart Disease

Many people have the mistaken assumption that heart disease is something only a man has to worry about. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Although women do have some built in protection up until they are around 55, after that their protection is reduced and by age 62 they are just as likely as a man to have a stroke or heart attack. For this reason they should take the same precautions a man does to prevent it. Women and heart disease are indeed a serious matter.

Since women begin to be potential victims of heart disease at around 55, it is essential they learn the factors that increase their chances of having this serious health problem. By knowing the causes, they can take steps to prevent it. Below are a few of the causes and a short discussion of each.

1 - High Blood Pressure – Women of African descent are at a very high risk in this category. Also an obese woman, a pregnant woman or a woman taking birth control pills stands a better chance of developing high blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack. Some women have a family history of high blood pressure and they should be sure to have regular checkups to see if perhaps they are developing the symptoms.

2 – High Cholesterol and Fats– As with men, high levels of cholesterol will greatly increase the odds of women and heart disease. Meals and snacks rich in high cholesterol and fat will cause a narrowing of the arteries and possibly a total closure. Once this happens, the heart will not be able to pump the needed blood to all parts of the body and the lack of oxygen will sooner or later bring on a heart attack.

3 – Obesity and Smoking – These two factors are a common denominators with women and heart disease. A large percentage of women who have heart attacks are either significantly overweight or are smokers. Also, an obese woman usually has high cholesterol levels because of a diet high in fatty foods and cholesterol. Unfortunately, this can double their chances of heart disease.

Women and heart disease can be greatly reduced with just a few precautionary steps and lifestyle changes. If you are smoking you can significantly lower your chances of heart disease as well as many other diseases this habit causes by just quitting. If you are overweight you need to get on a healthy diet and exercise plan and stick with it. Try replacing your junk food snacks and drinks with fruits and fruit juices. Even if you are not overweight you should have a regular exercise program to keep your body running smoothly. Also, have regular checkups. If you are developing high blood pressure or other health problems, they can be helped with medications.

Women and heart disease is a problem and should be dealt with in a serious manner. Do what you can to prevent it for a longer, fuller life. Our website has a vast amount of information on the heart and heart problems, so if this is an interest of yours, feel free to bookmark us. We are constantly adding new information.