Types Of Heart Surgeries

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Types Of Heart Surgeries

Heart operations are procedures carried out on the heart to correct or repair any issues and problems with the heart. These procedures may be to repair damaged valves or replace them, repair any abnormalities in the heart, implant medical devices such as a pacemaker and in the extreme, replace a damaged heart with a healthy donor heart. There are many types of heart surgeries due to the different heart problems that may exist.

The different types of heart surgeries are usually considered when medication is not working to control the problems with the heart. There are many different types of medications that may be prescribed and these include anti-platelet medications such as aspirins, diuretics, beta blockers, nitrates and fibrates.

The types of heart surgeries include:

Coronary artery bypass grafting – This is one of the types of heart surgeries most commonly performed. It is sometimes referred to as CABG (pronounced as cabbage). This heart operation is performed on patients with coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease causes blockage of one or several of the coronary arteries. The blockage is caused by plaque buildup. This reduces or completely cuts off the supply of blood to the heart which may lead to a heart attack.

During this procedure, the surgeon harvests a healthy artery or vein from another part of the body such as the leg and grafts it to the unhealthy artery bypassing the blockage. A maximum of 4 arteries can be bypassed during one surgery.

The coronary artery bypass surgery is performed in 3 different ways, traditional open heart surgery, open beating heart surgery and minimally invasive bypass surgery. The traditional open heart surgery is performed on a heart that has been stopped and therefore a heart lung machine is used. The beating heart surgery is a more difficult procedure as the heart is kept beating. However, the patient recovers faster from this type of surgery. Minimally invasive coronary bypass can only be performed when a maximum of 2 arteries need to by bypassed.

Heart valve surgery – Another one of the types of heart surgeries. This surgery is performed when the valves of the heart are not working as they should. Heart valves are responsible for controlling the movement of blood in and out of the chambers of the heart. The valves may have problems opening (perhaps caused by stenosis) or problems closing which causes regurgitation of blood. The valve surgery may either involve repair or replacement of the damaged valve. For a replacement valve surgery, a prosthetic (man-made or biological) is put in place.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization – This is one of the rarer types of heart operations. This is because it is often a last resort treatment procedure for angina. During the operation, the surgeon uses a laser to help with blood flow.

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