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Post Heart Surgery

With post heart surgery, the most important consideration for any patient is to be able to effectively and diligently follow the rehab procedure as prescribed to ensure complete recovery. Heart surgery is a very serious procedure with a number of possible risks and complications. The rehabilitation following the surgery is tedious and demanding but given the risks, it is the only way that doctors and patients alike can ensure recovery so the patient can regain a normal life.

There are many schools of thought for rehabilitation post heart surgery but in all of these, there are common themes that are crucial to complete recovery.

Rest. This is the most important phase of recovery post heart surgery. It lasts from six weeks to six months depending on the exact nature of the procedure that was done. During this phase, the patient is expected to rest and refrain from any physical effort in order to avoid stress.

Wound care. The incision following heart surgery requires delicate care. The wound is susceptible to infection if not taken care of properly. Where possible, hiring a qualified nurse post heart surgery will be extremely helpful in making sure that the wound is kept clean and dry, and repeatedly dressed to eliminate the risk of any infection.

Pain relief. Pain relief can be done using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or steroid injections depending on the severity. The medication should be taken according to a doctor’s prescription in order to manage the pain and keep it a minimum.

Exercise. After the first phase of post heart surgery recovery is completed, the patient can proceed with light exercises. This is important in developing the strength of the heart to withstand typical stresses associated with light physical activity. Among the most recommended include walking as a form of cardiovascular workout. It is also important to remember that the patient should not immediately rush to performing any form of strenuous physical activity even when the first phase of recovery is done. Post heart surgery, patients should limit physical exertion and only gradually increase it. Even standing in one place for 15 minutes is not recommended until after full recovery.

Diet. The post heart surgery diet should also be closely monitored. At first, small portions at more frequent intervals will be helpful in negating the effects of poor appetite. After a while, slowly adding lean meats, fish, and vegetables will help create a balanced diet of the patient.

Managing emotions. Feeling something extreme is also a big no-no for patients post heart surgery. A patient should never feel too excited or happy, nor too sad or surprised. Family members should take the necessary steps to make sure this is properly taken cared off.

Support program. Joining a support program will help patients as they talk to others who have experienced the same challenges as they have. A support group will also help family members understand the challenges faced by patients as they recover from heart surgery.

Post heart surgery is never an easy time for anyone, patients and family members alike. However, by following a proven post surgery program, one can be more confident that the road to recovery has been laid out. Following the program will help ensure the most effective and efficient path to health while being able to take care of the essential concerns that plague heart surgery patients.