Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

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Why Have a Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

People with extreme obesity often think that after losing a huge amount of weight, they will eventually get the body they desire. However, losing weight doesn’t guarantee a desirable body always (unless one’s idea of a desirable body is having skin folds, skin tags, and stretch marks). The thing is when an obese patient loses a lot of weight, the next problem that will eventually surface are drooping breasts, saggy arms and thighs and loose skin on body parts. The good news is, with these kinds of problems, plastic surgery after weight loss offers a solution.

Everyone wants to have a body that’s not only fat-free but shows a contoured figure. However, when the skin has already been stretched out to its limits (as what happens in obesity), it tends to lose its elasticity. In extreme weight loss, although fat has been taken away from the body, the skin remains in its form, thus making one’s body look like that of a very old individual – saggy, drooping, loose and form-less.

Weight loss in small amounts (such as less than a hundred pounds) also creates problems like stretch marks and slightly loose arms and thighs. These skin elasticity problems can be handled well by skin-firming lotions and radiofrequency therapies. However, in cases of massive weight losses (such as in morbid obese patients), the problem on loose skin is too much for creams and therapies to handle. That is why the best approach to banish loose skin is to have plastic surgery after weight loss.

Having plastic surgery after weight loss can provide several benefits to a patient such as:

It removes loose skin
Improves one’s body figure
Restores skin elasticity
Contours body parts
Improves self-confidence

Patients who are the usual subjects of plastic surgery after weight loss are those who were formerly obese individuals who have had bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery, and those individuals who just want to bring back the shape and tone of their body. Most individuals who fit in this description are women.

For every problematic body part, there is a corresponding plastic surgery applicable to it. Drooping breasts can be restored by mastopexy. For the abdomen, there’s “tummy tuck” or abdominoplasty. Face lifts and neck lifts are available for face and neck problems. Certain plastic surgery options are also available for the thighs and arms.

Plastic surgery after weight loss is the best solution to battle the undesirable effects of losing too much weight. Individuals who desire to have a contoured, desirable body must first find a reputable plastic surgeon and then be willing to spend a possibly large sum of money to have the physical body that they desire.

So if you are thinking about gastric bypass surgery because of severe weight problems you need to remember that you will probably need to also undergo plastic surgery after weight loss to give your body the shape you would like to have. Although this is another hurdle to overcome to restore your body to good health, it is all worth it in the end. After all, if you are needing the surgery it is because you have succeeded in losing an enormous amount of weight.