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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost: Economy or Safety?

The pressing problem of obesity in the society prompts everyone to find measures to battle it. May it be simple, as constant exercise and dieting, to highly complex procedures like surgery, anyone will opt for ways to gain the lead against flabbiness. Since a combination of two or three methods to reduce weight is a highly effective strategy, many will go for surgery, like that of gastric bypass, and partner it with diet and/or exercise. However, how much a mini gastric bypass cost varies substantially on many factors.

A mini gastric bypass surgery is a combination of Collis gastroplasty and Billroth II loop gastrojejunostomy. Essentially, it involves lengthening the esophagus by creating a tube from the upper portion of the stomach and connecting the small intestine to the stomach. The calories absorbed are limited with this procedure since no food is emptied in to the sectioned portion of the stomach or the intestine.

This type of surgery is considerably a very serious operation and needs expertise and extensive training by the surgeon. The training itself is already costly, and some of the education is done abroad. Also, the quality of the equipments used are highly advanced, with expensive maintenance and parts.

Likewise, a mini gastric bypass cost is dependent on several other factors including: the location of the clinic, if it’s a stand alone center or tied up with a high class hospital; the extent of the surgery, what organs are affected and what are the risks involved; the qualification of the surgeon, an exceptionally skilled and well trained surgeon costs much more; and the geographical area, some countries are much more expensive than others.

The U.S. generally has expensive surgeries, and because of its exorbitant cost and insurance companies not covering, people will flock to its neighboring countries. According to research, the most preferred choice is Mexico for its cheap mini gastric bypass cost. Besides from being affordable, it is also geographically situated near the U.S. making it a favorite medical tourism destination. Additionally, the equipments in Mexico are at complete par with its competitors in the U.S.

Apart from Mexico, India is the only standing nation with the cheapest cost of mini gastric bypass surgery. When summed up, a session of treatment in the U.S. will cost exactly the same in India, only that the travel, accommodation, rehabilitation, and a lot more, are also covered. India has become an attraction to all the people across the world.

Safety is always the priority when dealing about health, and although mini gastric bypass cost is very cheap, it is always advisable to try different, natural methods to lose weight before opting for surgery. It has been a common knowledge that diet and exercise are the two most important factors in losing weight; it is safer and yet cheaper. Lastly, in spite of the advancement of the world, with the most updated technology, a surgery will always be a risky procedure, carrying with it a lot of uncertainties, detrimental to health and extremely dangerous for human lives.