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As the baby boomers get older there is of course more of the population concerned about heart disease and what can be done about it. It can of course be prevented in the vast majority of cases with a healthy life style, but what if someone has waited a little too late to be concerned and has already developed the disease, is there actually anything anyone can do to initiate a heart disease reversal? The answer to that question is - of course there is.

Many if not most people have heart disease because they were always either too lazy or too self centered to have a healthy life style. They knew smoking could cause heart disease but they continued to smoke because they chose to. They knew being obese could case heart disease but they continues to consume many more calories than they were willing to exercise and burn off because they chose to. They knew high cholesterol could cause heart disease but they continued eating a high fat, high cholesterol diet because they chose to. What is sad is even after being diagnosed with heart disease, many of these same people still refuse to change their lifestyle.

If you belong in one or more of the above categories and feel the words were a little harsh, I am sorry. This is not going to be a sugar coated article. I am basically going to go over some things you already know and maybe a few things you don't and I will not be pulling any punches.

Before I get into things you can do for heart disease reversal let me say one thing. If you have heart disease that you can openly admit or deep down know was probably caused by bad lifestyle choices - stop thinking about yourself. If you have only one person in the world who loves you and would be heart broken to see you die, that alone should give you enough incentive to change your lifestyle and live as long and as healthy life as you possibly can.

The basic things you must do for heart disease reversal are pretty close to the same things you could have done to prevent it in the first place. Here is the list and a short explanation of each.

1 – A strenuously followed diet program – If you have been diagnosed for heart disease your physician has already given you a low fat, low cholesterol diet program to follow. The question is, are you going to follow it? Yes your doctor can give you statins and other cholesterol reducing drugs, and you should specifically follow his or her instructions and take them without fail. However, many people use these medications as an excuse to not change their lifestyles. If you really want heart disease reversal, you do not want to just use drugs to treat the symptoms, you need to get to the core of what is causing you to have high cholesterol and other health problems. Follow your diet plan.

2 – Exercise – If you have heart disease you have probably also been given an exercise program designed specifically for individuals with this medical condition. Exercise is a very important part of heart disease reversal and this program should be followed just as seriously as your diet program. I do not have time to go into details in one short article, but the heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle it grows stronger with exercise. However, even after you have been on your exercise program for a while and feel you can do more, never increase it without first consulting your physician.

3 – Stop Smoking – This part of the heart disease reversal program may not apply to you, but if it does you knew it was coming. I am not even going to waste my time going there. If you want to be around a couple of years from now it is imperative that you stop, totally and completely – Today!

Okay, there it is. I am sure you recognize this list as being pretty much the same list you would be reading if you were wanting to prevent heart disease. That is because it is.

Please take note that no matter how advanced your heart disease is, listening to and following your doctors advice which probably includes all things on this list can give you a partial if not total heart disease reversal.

I know parts of this article may have seemed harsh, but there was a reason. A few years ago my family lost someone very dear to us to heart disease. They had one heart attack and had an opportunity to change and chose not to. We miss this person very much and when the family gets together there is a definite void there. Some of us wonder at times why this person chose their lifestyle to us. It hurts.