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Heart Attack Prevention Methods

A heart attack is the number one cause of death for adults aged 30 and above in the United States. The rising number of people being rushed into hospitals has brought into the limelight questions pertaining to the actions that people are taking regarding heart attack prevention. Statistics estimate that though most people know what a heart attack is, most do not understand how to avoid or prevent one from happening to themselves.

In order to fully comprehend how to avoid a heart attack, it essential to gain a basic understanding of what a heart attack is. Basically, a heart attack happens when a portion of the heart muscles dies or are damaged due to lack of enough oxygen. This may be due to arterial blockages that prevent blood carrying oxygen to reach the heart. This blockage is usually the result of plaque or fatty deposits building up along the arterial wall. Other common causes of heart attacks may be blood clots which block the blood flow to the heart.

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing a heart attack is safer, and less expensive than treating one. So what heart attack prevention methods may one resort to? Heart attack prevention methods are based on certain risk factors. If one has one or more of the risk factors, chances are higher that they may suffer a heart attack than those who do not bear any of the risk factors. The common risk factors are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, stress, lack of exercise, stress and obesity. Heart attack prevention methods involve eliminating or controlling all of the risk factors.

Start by changing to a more healthy diet. This will help bring your cholesterol levels to more normal levels. Cut back on food that has a lot of salt and fat. Before one makes any type of dietary change, it is essential that they consult their family physician. This will help make the dietary transition much easier.

Another heart attack prevention method is to start exercising. Simple cardio exercises such as long walks, power walks, running or jogging will do wonders for your heart. Again, it is important to consult your physician before you begin any exercise regime, particularly if it is going to be strenuous like muscle building.

One should also cut back on the excessive habits. Excessive habits in this context include drinking and smoking. If you drink and smoke, you are setting yourself up for a heart attack. First, it is essential that you quit smoking. Your physician will be particularly helpful in helping you quit. Secondly, you have to reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages that you consume. Keep alcohol to a minimum. Alcohol has empty calories which may contribute to one gaining weight and this does not help your heart in any way. Instead include healthy amounts of water in your diet. Water is refreshing and bears no calories.

The causes of most heart attacks are simple and avoidable. There are various heart attack prevention methods that one can rely on in order to do this. Remember, that by simply failing to prevent the causes you set yourself up for heart attacks. This may result in future health bills stacking up one after the other as well as other health ailments affecting you.

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