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Information is power and in the fight against heart attack and heart attack facts can be one of the most powerful allies that we can have. By knowing the reasons for and prevention of heart attacks, we can draw better conclusions that will hopefully lead to a deeper understanding of the nature of the illness and more informed policies that will help limit the incidences of heart attack not only in the country but in the world as well.

In the following information, we review some of the most striking aspects of heart attack facts that have made it a real and pressing concern among the many health issues in the world today.

· Every year, up to 500,000 people die of heart attack in the United States alone. This mortality rate represents about 35% of the total heart attack incidences per year. That is higher than the average mortality rate for other illnesses.

· In the world, three persons die from a heart attack every minute. That translates to one attack every twenty seconds.

· According to recent research, women have a higher heart attack mortality rate than men. This is a key area for research in modern medicine where the aim of the research is to determine if there is a gender-component to the severity and fatality of heart attacks. It is heart attack facts like this that help scientists and policy-makers alike make informed decisions about how to drive heart attack research moving forward.

· Half of heart attack fatalities happen outside a hospital. This points to the need for faster response strategies in case a patient undergoes a heart attack episode.

· Based on statistics, heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday morning than on any other day and time of the week. Scientists and statisticians alike are still not sure if heart attack facts in this regard point to a work-related connection or not.

· Another common time for the occurrence of heart attacks is during early morning hours. Medical research has definitively attributed this fact to a stickier blood consistency due to an abundance of platelets at this time of day.

· Heart attack is the leading cause of mortality in the United States. It also exceeds the next sixteen causes combined in terms of number of deaths per year. Of the many heart attack facts, this is one of the most alarming and certainly one to point research in the right direction.

· Aspirin helps in easing discomfort and lowering the amount of muscle damage during a heart attack episode. For patients with heart attack histories, keeping a packet of aspirin within ready access at all times can be a definite lifesaver.

These heart attack facts all point to a stirring and gripping story about heart attack: it should not be underestimated nor taken lightly. Likewise, ample resources should be invested in the search for definite lifesaving research results.

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