Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks

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Although there are so many benefits you can enjoy from this very popular operation, there are also some very serious gastric bypass surgery risks and complications that may develop if both the patient and the doctor are not dedicated to the surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is a medical operation which aims at reducing excess fats in the body of a dangerously obese patient. However, there is a slight possibility one may experience the following medical complications and risks after or during the surgical operation:


Any major surgery carries with a possibility of dying and gastric bypass surgery is a risk that obese patients with other severe diseases such as asthma, hypertension, and heart or lung cancer must take. Though the percentage is at only 1-2 % it is possible these patients can pass away due to poor reception of the operation or lack of commitment afterward. This is something that must be seriously considered before making the decision to go through with the operation.

Leak In The Gastrointestinal Tract

Another one of the serious gastric bypass surgery risks obese patients must consider is a possible gastrointestinal leak after the gastric bypass operation. Although it is a not a common problem among the patients, it can still happen if the seal between the bowel and the stomach is not fully formed. How will you know that you are having gastrointestinal tract leaks? You will simply start feeling unwell with increase rates in the heart beat, fever, abdominal pain and even feel short of breath.


Still another one of possible gastric bypass risks is bleeding which may occur any place the stapling was done. Too much bleeding leaves the body less secure and continues to weaken the body immune system making the patient vulnerable to a number of severe diseases such as anemia. Bleeding can also occur at any poorly sealed tissue area where there is an intestine connection.

Contraction Of Ulcer

It may be a fast way of losing weight, but there is also gastric bypass surgery risks of patients getting ulcers after gastric bypass surgery. This problem may occur around the stapled area between the bowel and the stomach and will cause the patient to start feeling sick a few weeks after the surgery. Patients may also increase the rate of ulcer development if they smoke and have been prescribed to take anti-inflammatory drugs. An ulcer patient will start vomiting blood, lose blood through stool, and even feel nausea. Just like other gastric bypass risks and complications, ulcers may take a long time to cure and should be a case of concern to the patient.

Kidney malfunction

It also unfortunate that one of the gastric bypass surgery risks is that the patients have a slight posibility of kidney malfucntion. Our body's kidney is responsible for efficient circulation of clean blood, but after the operation, kidney stones may develop. This condition makes it hard for the body to detoxify all the impurities and chemicals in the body, thus leaving the patient weaker and weaker. Patients may also experience kidney malfunction after a very long surgical operation in which injuries have occurred in the muscles surrounding the kidney. The problem is easily identified when they start feeling pain in the buttocks and have a decrease in the number of time they urinate.


Though the above gastric bypass surgery risks may seem discouraging, let it be said at this point that serious complication including death is possible in any major operation. These are not complications that occur only in this paricular surgery but are given to you so will totally understand the risks. If your health is such your weight problem has brought life threatening medical problems with it, you and your physician will need to decide what is best for you. Usually in this case you are better off taking the chance with the surgery.