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If you are thinking about, or your physician has suggested you have a gastric bypass operation, you are probably having some serious health problems that are being caused by or getting worse because of your weight factor. Maybe you have tried a number of diets and exercise programs but you were just not able to stay on them, so in the end, they failed. You may have even tried diet pills or some of the medications you can buy over the internet that is supposed to help you lose weight, but nothing seemed to work for you. You are probably not looking forward to having surgery or the change of lifestyle you will be forced to adhere to after it is over. However, you may be to the point you have no choice. It is the only chance you have to a fuller healthier life. You were hoping to find a gastric bypass surgery alternative, but you are running out of options.

Since you are still browsing the internet for other alternates, you are possibly a little worried about having a bypass done because there are so many risks and complications involved. Maybe you are searching for a gastric bypass surgery alternate because your insurance company will not cover the procedure and you are worried about the cost. Although I am sorry to say I have no miracle cure for your problem, I would like to tell you about a couple of options you may not know about that could at least ease your fears a little. At times, every little bit helps.

There are a number of different gastric surgeries available to help an individual with morbid obesity lose their desired weight goals. You are possibly not aware of all the valid options because your particular physician has not brought them to your attention. Even heart surgeons have their own areas of expertise. Many of them prefer to perform only the standard laparoscopic gastric bypass because that is the most popular, and has much better results than the conventional open surgery that was the standard for so many years.

As you try to make your decision about what type of surgery you would prefer to have, here are a couple you might want to look into. They are both still considered major surgeries, but they are less invasive, have faster recovery times with less pain, and their cost is considerably less.

One gastric bypass surgery alternative you might what to ask about is the lap band procedure. In this procedure a small pouch is created in the upper part of the stomach just as in a bypass. The difference is neither the stomach or intestines are cut or severed in anyway. A small and adjustable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach using one small incision. Since the stomach and intestines were not severed, the hospital stay is only 24-48 hours. You can usually return to your normal activities within a week. The risks of complications during and after the surgery are less than half that of the conventional bypass surgery. Also, the cost of the surgery runs 25%-30% less than the cost of a standard bypass.

Another option as an alternate to the bypass is the mini bypass. Though it can still be thought of as a bypass surgery, with this method the time in the operating room is less than an hour as opposed to the four hours for the laparoscopic bypass. After the upper part of the stomach has been reduced in size, the remainder is formed into a tube which bypasses most of the intestines, but once again the intestines is not severed. As with the lap band surgery, the chances of complications and surgery risks are less than half. There is a significantly shorter recover time and the patient experiences much less pain. The mini bypass is also very cost efficient, the latest figures showing an average cost of only $10,000. This is significantly less than $22,000-$25,000 cost of a standard laparoscopic bypass surgery.

Although both of the procedures mentioned in this article have much faster recovery times and half the risks and complications of a gastric bypass surgery, they are both never the less major surgeries and should be considered as such. Anytime you have a medical procedure that is considered major, there can always be complications. However, if you are looking for a gastric bypass surgery alternative that is safer and less costly, you may want to investigate these procedures a little more. The information presented here is not a suggestion or an endorsement of either surgery. It has just been given to provide you with more knowledge of what options are available while you are still in your decision making process. The long term results will depend a great deal on your ability to keep a strict adherence to the post operative plans and instructions your physician will present you with.