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Gastric bypass surgery is perhaps the most effective means to lose weight for those who are obese to the point they are having serious health problems. However, because it is severely invasive and requires drastic lifestyle changes post surgery, doctors implement strict gastric bypass qualifications for patients looking to gain approval for a gastric bypass procedure.

Today, there are even ethical debates surrounding whether or not severely overweight teenagers should be able to gain access to a gastric bypass procedure. This underlines the emphasis that the medical community is putting on the seriousness of gastric bypass surgery as a weight reduction procedure. What follows is a quick discussion of gastric bypass qualifications as well as a summary of the necessary lifestyle changes that follows a successful gastric bypass operation.

Before anything else, doctors look at the degree of obesity that the patient is experiencing as the main criteria for approving a bypass procedure. While there is no definite number to follow in terms of what weight qualifies an individual for a gastric bypass, doctors are unanimous in saying only morbidly obese cases should be considered for the operation. The definition of morbidly obese cases can be tracked in terms of Body Mass Index (BMI) and percentage of body fat by the patient under consideration. Each case is thoroughly assessed for these conditions and even then, doctors continue to look at other gastric bypass qualifications prior to approving a procedure.

Once a patient is deemed morbidly obese, doctors look into the likelihood of losing weight as a requirement prior to approving gastric bypass procedures. This means that a patient can not immediately have the surgery. First, the patient has to demonstrate that natural ways of losing weight via exercise and diet do not work.

Doctors may go as far as to recommend the services of a dietician and a fitness consultant to guide the patient to a healthier and more sustainable weight. Typical observation periods last up to a year or more and only after a failed attempt at natural weight loss procedures will doctors start to seriously consider the likelihood of gastric bypass surgery to treat the weight problem.

Of course, there are exempting circumstances that supersede these gastric bypass qualifications for an immediate procedure to be scheduled. People who are exposed to severe health risks via potential fatal diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other complications because of their obesity can move ahead of the screening process for an immediate action. Doctors review the family's medical history looking for telltale signs of health risks running in the family tree as a strong justification for authorizing a bypass procedure.

Overly obese patients who have loved ones that have histories of diabetes, heart attack and stroke should immediately consult with their attending physicians to try and determine a quick way to get an operation in order to speed up the recovery and healing process and lower the weight to a safer level.

The main reason for implementing gastric bypass qualifications is to protect the patient from the risks that arise from undergoing the procedure. A gastric bypass reduces the stomach volume to a fraction of its original size necessitating new diet plans and overhauling old eating habits as a means to lose weight. Only patients who are dedicated to sticking to this new lifestyle should seriously consider a gastric bypass procedure. The level of commitment required to stick with semi-liquid foods in extremely small servings at very frequent intervals is a must for bypass patients, but it can create wonders for those looking to lose a lot of weight but cannot do it in the normal manner.

Talk to your doctor regarding a gastric bypass procedure today and view the gastric bypass qualifications one by one to see if you are on the priority list for a gastric bypass surgery. If you are in the morbidly obese bracket this should be done as soon as possible

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