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Gastric Bypass Diet

A Gastric Bypass is the surgical method of decreasing the size of your stomach. This might be done for several reasons, but most often in aid of weight loss. The reality is that if your stomach is smaller, you will feel full sooner, eating less and losing weight as a result. However, after a Gastric Bypass you have to adhere to a very strict and precise diet for the rest of your life or you can put yourself in grave danger.

This is just an outline of a Gastric Bypass diet, please follow all instructions you receive from your surgeon.

1.For the first day after your Gastric Bypass, you will receive a diet of liquid meals in the hospital. This is to gauge how your body and your new stomach tolerate eating.

2.The first two to three weeks after your Gastric Bypass, you will have to live in a diet consisting of pureed foods. Foods which you would be able to consume in this manner will include tuna, tofu, low fat cottage cheese, apple puree, bananas, mashed potatoes and hot cereals cooked in milk.

3.Your third phase of the diet comes after week three or four, as decided by your doctor. The rule of thumb during this time would be that if you can mash it with a fork, then you can eat it. You might want to look at the following as options. Lean, soft and moist meats which would include pork, poultry and fish, low fat yoghurt, any vegetables or fruit which is seedless and des not have hulls, which you have cooked until soft, unsweetened canned fruits and hot cereals cooked in milk.

4.After about 4-6 weeks after your surgery, your Gastric bypass Diet will shift to solid foods. You might not be able to eat everything which you could before the surgery. A Gastric Bypass Diet should at this stage include the following daily servings:

6 servings of Protein
2 servings of fruit
2 servings of vegetables
2 or 3 servings of starch
2 servings of fat

There are some foods which you should avoid. These can harm your stomach lining, can cause infections and cause weight gain in stead of weight loss. A gastric Bypass Diet should NOT include the following:

Peanuts and crunchy peanut butter
Fried eggs
Fried meats
Fruit with tough skins
Dried fruits
Potato skins

A Gastric Bypass Diet can be tasty as well as to the benefit of your health. More over, a Gastric Bypass Diet is designed to help you lose weight and thus will improve your lifestyle. You might have one or two weak moments, we are after all only human, but have it set in your mind that the wrong foods can now be life threatening to you. They will cause you terrible pain and really, it’s not worth it. Keep to your Gastric Bypass Diet and live a long, lean and happy life.

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