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Gastric Bypass Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and is commonly associated with obesity. This type of diabetes is referred to as non-insulin dependent diabetes because unlike in Type 1 diabetes, insulin is produced but may not be enough or is not properly used by the body.

Gastric bypass surgery is in instances of extreme obesity often recommended as a solution for obesity. A lot has been said about the gastric bypass diabetes connection. The connection arises because of the link between Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The gastric bypass surgery, or bariatric surgery as it is sometimes referred to, is said to cause an almost immediate remission of diabetes. So what is the gastric bypass diabetes cure?

Gastric bypass surgery is where a small pouch is made out of the stomach by reducing its size. It is then connected directly to the middle part of the small intestine, completely bypassing the duodenum where a large proportion of food absorption occurs. When this is done, it is suggested that the gastric bypass diabetes cure occurs in three different ways.

Gastric bypass diabetes cure results from the fact that there is a reduction in the absorption levels of nutrients after a gastric bypass surgery. The nutrients include amino acids. Amino acids are vital nutrients in a healthy diet but are said to be linked to Type 2 diabetes because they decrease the body’s ability to make use of insulin. A reduction in amino acids therefore leads to an increase in the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Another way the gastric bypass diabetes cure occurs is by the increase in the production of hormones called incretins. These hormones are said to be produced in the intestines and a bypass surgery stimulates an increase in their production. In turn, these incretins cause the increase in the production of insulin by the pancreas. This will resolve the instance of Type 2 diabetes when it is caused by low production of insulin.

A third way a gastric bypass diabetes cure happens is as a direct result of the reduction in size of the stomach. This results in an individual having to consume smaller meals at regular intervals. Small meals at regular intervals have the effect of regulating blood sugar levels which is crucial in handling Type 2 diabetes. Also, after a gastric bypass surgery, patients are put on a strict, healthy diet that cuts out a lot of the highly processed and refined foods, which goes a long way in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

While good things are said about gastric bypass diabetes cure, this surgery is not for everyone and should be considered very carefully. Your doctor will tell you if you are a candidate after a series of tests and evaluations.

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