Exercises for Heart Health

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Exercises for Heart Health

When it comes to cardiovascular well-being, one of the most important things that people need to embrace on a consistent basis are exercises for heart health. Whether you are a healthy, young professional who wants to lower your risk factors to heart ailments, or you are already diagnosed with a heart condition and would want to take the appropriate measures to keep your heart strong, there are many exercises that you can incorporate into your routines. In this post, we will talk about some of the simple but effective exercises for heart health available to anyone willing to make the commitment towards a healthier heart.

At the core of exercises for heart health is a renewed focus on cardiovascular strength and endurance. Cardiovascular strength refers to the holistic condition of the heart, the respiratory system, and the circulatory system’s ability to transmit blood where it is needed. This means that all of these systems must collectively work together to deliver the required output even at a highly stressed state. In this regard, majority of the exercises will center on cardio workouts that are aimed at training the heart and the adjoining systems to perform more efficiently despite added stress.

At the lowest level of the cardiovascular ladder is brisk walking, something that should be done 4 to 5 times a week and preferably early in the morning, to get your blood flowing. Brisk walking is ideal for people who are recovering from serious heart condition symptoms and are not advised to perform more strenuous activities. Brisk walking can either be done on a treadmill or on the road, depending on one’s preference. Doing it for 30 minutes to an hour per session will yield tremendous results in terms of boosting your heart’s health and resistance to everyday stressors.

Once you are cleared to perform more strenuous workouts, the next item on your list of exercises for heart health is jogging. Jogging is slow-paced running and is only slightly more intense than brisk walking. Like brisk walking, jogging is recommended at least 4 to 5 times a week with a minimum duration of 30 minutes, enough to raise the heart rate to above 60% of maximum but not sufficient as to require a higher level of exertion.

Beyond this, multiple exercises for heart health can be adopted to vary your workout routines. Alternative cardio exercises may include swimming, biking on a stationary bike or going out on the road using a mountain bike, or exercises on the elliptical which is gym equipment with swiveling arms that are suitable replacements for treadmills because the workouts are kinder on the knees.

If cleared for heavy lifting, it is also advantageous to add strength training exercises to improve heart health. However, careful effort should be exerted on making sure that you have your doctor’s full approval to engage in strength training. In the case of people who have no prior heart ailment histories and would want to build resistance to heart ailments, strength training is an excellent complement to cardiovascular training as it will also develop your overall fitness level and conditioning.

It is always helpful to remember that exercises for heart health depend on the decision to make lifestyle changes that are designed to give you a healthier body overall. The best approach towards a healthy heart is always to consider that prevention is better than cure. The younger that you can commit to a health and fitness program, the better is your outlook in life in terms of staving off heart ailments.