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Walking Exercise After Bypass Surgery

Patients who underwent a heart bypass surgery or medically termed as Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) often find it necessary to know and follow the right walking exercise regimen after the operation. This curiosity on the part of the patient is a positive action since knowing a great deal about post-surgery exercises can help in promoting one’s fast recovery. The usual exercise after bypass surgery is done by patients is walking. Others also do aerobic exercises and even weight lifting.

On the other hand, it is not enough to just know and perform walking exercises to speed up one’s recovery. The patient should practice the right way of performing a walking exercise after bypass surgery to prevent overstressing the heart.

The Benefits of a Walking Exercise After Bypass Surgery

It is advised that a patient should perform early ambulation about one to two days after a heart bypass surgery. Walking should be done early to prevent possible post-surgical complications such as pneumonia, muscle/joint stiffness, infection, pressure ulcers and muscle atrophy. Walking also helps prevent other related post-surgical problems such as constipation, pain, and body weakness. The benefits of walking post-surgery include the following:

Promotes blood circulation
Increases flow of oxygen throughout the body
Improves urinary tract function
Maintains normal breathing pattern
Improves muscle tone
Speeds up wound healing
Improves Gastrointestinal functions

Walking Exercise After Bypass Surgery - The Pattern

Walking can be regarded as the “universal exercise” because a lot of patients practice it. Although there is no harm in strolling down the neighborhood and keeping one’s feet warmed up, too much walking or starting it too early may even hamper one’s recovery period. Low level walking is the initial form of ambulation that patients should follow.

To use walking as a good form of exercise after bypass surgery, it must be done in a systematic way regularly. During the first few weeks of recovery, walking should be done frequently but the duration should be for a few minutes only. As the recovery period progresses, walking can be done less frequently provided that the duration is increased.

For instance, during the first week of recovery a patient should walk for three to five minutes, six to eight times per day. As the weeks go by, the walking duration is increased but its frequency is reduced so that during the seventh week recovery, the patient may have a sixty-minute walking exercise once per day.

Walking or early ambulation is the best form of exercise after bypass surgery. It does not only promote faster recovery and prevent complications, it also stimulates the patient’s outlook about his or her recovery positively through the visual scenes, social interactions and experiences he or she encounters during the walk.