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The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Most people who are in the throes of morbid obesity problems find it difficult to look past the cost of Bariatric surgery to be able to make a decision as to whether they should have the operation. For the most part, there is a pretty good reason behind this. According to Bariatric surgery statistics compiled in 2010, the average cost of Bariatric surgery procedures is about $25,000-$40,000 and that’s not money everyone has in this tough economy.

But considering the potential effects of morbid obesity cases, it is equally difficult to dismiss the chance of living a healthier life in favor of monetary considerations. When one considers what the likely effects of obesity are such as heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, fatty liver and fatality over all others, the decision becomes one of life and death and not just a mere discussion about money and how much you need to get yourself well.

The truth is that there are a variety of options that patients can explore in order to foot the cost of Bariatric surgery without compromising their immediate need for immediate weight loss intervention. In this short post, we look at the considerations for Bariatric surgery procedures from a cost and care perspective and then provide useful suggestions on what can be done to absorb the ever increasing cost of bariatric surgery.

The typical range of cost associated with any form of Bariatric surgery procedure is from $25,000 to $40,000. On top of the procedure itself, there are many other considerations that can make the price go higher. This includes post-operative care, therapy and new diet routines, cosmetic surgery to fix loose skin, food supplements, exercise and many others. Taking all of these considerations together, it is not inconceivable to be staring at a $50,000 price tag for one procedure alone.

So what are the methods that can help absorb this gargantuan cost of Bariatric surgery? Consider the following options:

· Health Insurance coverage. In this scenario, the doctor has to issue a certification noting that other forms of natural weight loss methods have been tried to no avail. Trying to exercise and go on a diet is something all prospective patients need to undergo for at least six months and even up to a year. When the procedure fails, the attending physician must then make an analysis of the impacts of the excessive weight to the patient’s health. If approved, healthcare insurance providers can foot the “basic” cost, which oftentimes cover up to 80% of the cost of Bariatric surgery.

· Straight-Up Payment. Obviously, if you have the money to pay the procedure outright or if you can strike an arrangement for a gradual payment schedule, then it’s something that is definitely worth exploring.

· Weight Loss surgery loans. There are many organizations and clinics that offer loans with reasonable interest rates and payable within a certain period. Anyone can avail of these provided their credit histories check out without problems.

The at-odds challenge of the mounting cost of Bariatric surgery versus the ever increasing number of individuals suffering from morbid obesity is straining the healthcare system. But this does not mean patients should stop exploring the necessary options to get surgery. Health is a non-compromisable component of our daily living and where possible, patients should find the resolve to beat these odds and finally get the freedom they deserve from the gripping effects of morbid obesity.

However, let it be said that there are of course risk that go with the surgery and weight loss by dieting and a good exercise program is always the best method to use.