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Common Heart Problems - Do you know what they are?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. This has been worsened by the general lifestyle shift whereby people are now eating more unhealthy foods and exercising less. Though there are many factors at play here including genetics, the problems are all too obvious. Heart disease is just one of the many problems that affect these people bad lifestyles. This article focuses on the more common heart problems that affect people all around the world.

In some cases, heart disease may be inherited through the genes from ones relatives. In some cases, the problem can be immediately corrected at birth through surgery. However, some surgeons tend to advise the parents to wait a few years before undertaking any risky surgeries. This form of heart disease is more complicated than most as it is one that you have since birth. For instance one may suffer a build up of arterial blockage due to their inherited genes. However, just having this common heart problem does not necessarily mean the end. Regular visits to the doctor as well as a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will have the disease under control.

Another common heart problem is coronary artery disease. Often mistaken for heartburn or indigestion, patients suffering from this disease unwittingly dismiss angina. The consequences could be fatal as it may result in a heart attack and death. An angina is probably best described as that particular feeling of heaviness or tightness in one’s chest. It may manifest in other forms such as accelerated heart rate as well as shortness in breath. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should immediately consult their physician.

There are more severe yet common heart problems. Myocardial Infection, for example, resembles coronary artery disease in terms of symptoms. However, theses symptoms increase rapidly over a short period of time. It should be noted that for this type of infection, patients normally do not respond very well to any form of medication and thus it is critical for such individuals to rush to hospital.

Other common heart problems are not that noticeable in that they show very few manifesting symptoms. Heart muscle disease is one such ailment. It has no bias on any age group and may attack any person of any age. Though symptoms are hard to pinpoint, the common ones include constant fainting and palpitations.

Last, pericarditits is one of the more serious forms of heart disease. It has been noted to cause sharp pains in the chest area especially when breathing deeply or coughing. Moreover, the pain experienced by the individual only worsens as they lie down. For this reason, the individual is forced to remain sitting for quite a while so as to ease the pain.

There are many common heart problems; some of which target a specific age group, others which attack individuals indiscriminately. One should be responsible for their own body. If one notices any of the symptoms listed above, it is up to them to seek medical attention. Though heart problems are common and serious, they are manageable in most cases with a lifestyle change.