Caring For Your Heart

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Caring For Your Heart

When it comes to making a renewed commitment to health and wellness, few can argue against the importance of caring for your heart. According to recent medical statistics, as many as 600,000 people in the U.S. alone die from heart disease every year. Heart illness is also the leading cause of death in many countries across the world so it is only proper that everyone takes the personal commitment to embrace a lifestyle that cares for the heart and not push it to disease and eventual failure.

When caring for your heart, there are a few lifestyle decisions that are deemed as non-negotiable. Here are the most important lifestyle changes that you ought to make when deciding to put your heart’s health ahead of your personal desires.

A healthy diet. One of the leading causes of heart failure is atherosclerosis. This happens when plaque deposits from cholesterol intake reduce the diameter of the arteries and veins that carry blood resulting in undue stress to the heart. Eventually, the opening becomes so small that the heart can no longer work to pump the blood resulting in heart failure. A healthy diet consists of switching to foods with lower cholesterol and fat content in order to minimize the likelihood of atherosclerosis.

Exercise. Caring for your heart means embracing exercise, particularly those of the cardiovascular variety. Cardiovascular exercises are meant to strengthen the heart muscles by subjecting it to moderate stress in order to train it to work harder. Common cardiovascular exercises when caring for your heart includes brisk walking, jogging, long distance running, biking and swimming among other things. Engaging in cardiovascular workouts at least 4 times a week can help improve the heart’s condition significantly versus those who do not adhere to any exercise program.

Sleep. Sleep is essential for rest. The heart needs enough rest derived from sleep and the recommendation is up to 8 hours of sleep per day. With insufficient sleep, the heart is forced to work harder and this can lead to significant wear and tear which eventually result in heart failure.

Lifestyle choices. Smoking and alcohol abuse are two of the most notorious reasons for heart failure. The toxicity associated with abusing cigarettes and alcohol forces the heart to work harder for the body to properly cleanse itself. When deciding to care for your heart, you will often hear doctors advice you to stay away from cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse. These are certainly not easy commitments to make, especially if you are used to smoking and drinking, but there are no alternatives to caring for your heart other than ditching these habits altogether.

With statistics showing that heart failure is growing at an alarming rate, it is only right for everyone to make the commitment towards caring for your heart. Use the tips here to guide you in making the right lifestyle choices and continue researching and regularly talking to your doctor so you can ensure your heart’s health and wellness every day.