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There are a number of factors that will contribute to your bypass surgery cost, thus making it almost impossible to give an exact figure. One of these factors can even what part of the country you live in.

Different states, different cities and even different hospitals can have a tremendous fluctuation in their overhead. For instance if there is a shortage of nurses in a certain area of the country, they may be paying their nurses more than in an area where they are in abundance. The same goes for any other members of their medical staff.

Another factor that may effect your bypass surgery cost is location of the hospital. If a hospital is located in a metropolitan area, they had to invest considerably more in their their land and buildings than a hospital in a smaller town. They will also be paying a larger amount of real estate taxes to the local government because of the value of their assets. Still another very huge expense for them is the insurance on the structure. So, you see the staff cost, taxes, insurance, and real estate payments on their debt may can vary greatly for each hospital in numerous areas of the country. Also, larger hospitals have a lot higher medical equipment budget than smaller ones.

One of the factors that is going to effect your overall cost the most is the length of your medical stay and amount of complications. If there are no complications, most patients are released from the hospital in approximately seven days. If there are complications, you could be there for a longer period of time. Also, when there are complications, these complications must be dealt with. Each added procedure the hospital must do is an added cost. It some cases these added cost can be considerable.

Of course one of the main components in your bypass surgery cost is going to be the fee of the surgeon. Once again, the area where you live could make a big difference. Surgeons in a metropolitan area are going to have the same large overheads the hospital has for their offices and staff. However, in the case of the surgeon there is another large factor that must be considered. That factor is experience. If a heart surgeon has only recently gotten out of medical school and has only done a few bypass operations, he is not going to charge the same fee as a well known heart surgeon who has done perhaps thousands of bypass surgeries and who has a large waiting list. Surgeon fees can range from $30,000 - $50,000 in accordance with their knowledge and expertise.

Still another factor which will determine the overall medical bill for your bypass surgery is the type and complication of the surgery you are having. There will be a considerable difference in the cost of a single bypass and the cost of a quintuple bypass.

Because of the many factors to be considered, the cost can vary tremendously. Your total bill including your hospital stay and your different physician's fees ( there will be more than one ) could range from $100,000 upwards to $300,000 or more if you have serious complications that significantly lengthen your hospital stay. Of course these latter figures are the worse case scenarios and seldom will be a factor. However, I wanted to include them in this article so you can be prepared in the case of their unlikely occurrence.

I have done my best to give you at least an idea of what your bypass surgery cost will be. If your condition warrants the surgery as mandatory, you should start talking with your insurance company or trying to arrange financing if your operation isn't covered by your insurance provider. Don't wait until the last minute and put yourself under unneeded stress.