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There are many options available when choosing gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery as some may call it. This article will hopefully give you enough bariatric surgery information to help you make a knowledgeable decision concerning which procedure is best for you.

There are basically three types of bariatric surgery. Here we will name them and explain a little about each procedure.

1 – Restrictive Bariatric Surgery – There are different forms of this surgery but the most popular ones used are the vertical banding gastroplasty and adjustable gastric banding. These procedures in no way interfere with the digestive system. The stomach is drastically reduced in size so the patient can only eat around 1 cup of food per meal. If they eat more than this amount it usually results in vomiting or other unpleasant physical problems.

Adjustable gastric banding has been in use for around 30 years and is better known as lap band surgery. It has lower complications than some other procedures but the weight loss is a lot slower and can not be performed on patients with a number of pre-existing medical conditions such as gastric ulcers or large hiatal hernias.

2 – Predominantly Malasorptive Bariatric Surgery – This type of surgery reduces the size of the stomach by sectioning it off so that it not only reduces the intake of food but does not permit the body to absorb the number of calories and other nutrients that it would normally absorb. Unfortunately this procedure has been found to cause malnutrition in many instances and is now very rarely performed, having been replaced by safer surgeries with less complications.

3 – Malabsorptive Bariatric Surgery – In this surgery not only is the stomach size greatly reduced but the duodenum and sometimes the jejunum are bypassed. This type of surgery has been found to be the most successful when it comes to producing high weight loss. Roux-en-Y, more commonly known as gastric bypass surgery, is the procedure that is performed on many patients, although there are other options in this group.

Thanks to modern technology and advancement in surgical procedures, bariatric surgeries are getting safer to preform and with much less complications than in previous years. As the medical field acquires more and more bariatric surgery information, these once very dangerous surgeries are becoming more common and having a much greater success rate than once thought possible.

Laparoscopic Surgery can now be performed with just a few small incisions instead of the large surgical cuts needed just a few years ago. This is the main reason for less complications and faster recovery time. Better yet, the patient has to go through much less pain and for a far shorter period of time.

Hopefully this short article pertaining to bariatric surgical information has given you enough insight to help you make a decision if you are thinking about any type of gastric surgery. We do have a large number of other articles on our website that will give you a more in depth look into each operation if you would like to further your knowledge on the subject.