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Bariatric gastric bypass surgery, like many other medical procedures has been vastly improved over the years. It is now performed with a lot less danger to the patient regarding complications, and the recover time is considerably faster.

As little as thirty years ago any bariatric gastric bypass surgery was considered a very precarious operation and was very expensive to perform. In today's medical world a patient can have what is referred to as the mini gastric bypass in the morning and leave the hospital in the evening. As compared to to other bypass surgeries the cost of a mini gastric bypass is also much smaller.

To show you how gastric bypass surgeries have progressed over the years here is information on the three most used methods including the mini bypass.

1 – In 1967 the Loop Gastric Bypass was developed. It got its name because it used a loop of the small intestine to reroute a portion of the digestive system. During this procedure a part of the digestive system was actually bypassed. Although there were many of these procedures done it was more or less abandoned as an effective weight loss surgery in the early 1970's because it was found the risks of the surgery outweighed the benefits.

2 – Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass quickly took the place of the Loop Gastric Bypass because it was found to be a much safer operation. Although it is a more difficult procedure to perform the Roux-en- Y Gastric Bypass, it does not have the long term complications of the Loop Gastric Bypass.

When performing the RNY surgery the small intestine is divided into two parts and the lower portion is connected to the new stomach outlet. The upper portion is bypassed thus preventing the nutrient and calorie intake that usually occurs there. Since the patient can only eat very small portions of food because of the reduced size of the stomach and the ingested food is not absorbed by a large part of the digestive system, weight loss occurs.

Open RNY Surgery is performed with one large open cut. This bariatric gastric bypass surgery can also be done laparoscopically using very small incisions in which a camera and small surgical tools are inserted. This once again greatly reduces the chances of complications and makes the length of the operation and the recovery time much smaller. There are however times when the open RNY surgery is still used because of medical problems the patient has which does not permit the newer laparoscopic technique.

The normal cost of a RNY bypass will be $25,000-$35,000 if there are no complications. This surgery is still the most common gastric bypass operation performed.

3 – In 1997 Doctor Robert Rutledge came up with an even shorter and less invasive surgery called the mini gastric bypass. In fact it is now known as the simplest, shortest and less invasive bariatric gastric bypass surgery available by many.

Some of the benefits of having the mini bypass include:

Much less invasive
Shorter operation time – usually only around 45 minutes
Minimal amount of surgery pain
Less costly – If the patient qualifies for a same day procedure the cost is only around $10,000
Shorter hospital stay – usually only 24 hours
Considerably less scarring
Outstanding long term results

Although mini gastric bypass surgery seems to have more benefits, it is still not considered the best option by some surgeons. There is still a long standing debate going on about the pros and cons of each which still seems to be undecided.

Though both the RNY laparoscopic surgery and the mini gastric bypass have come a long way, they are both still considered MAJOR surgical operations which carry a number of risks and complications. Anyone needing any type of bariatric gastric bypass surgery procedure should be aware of all information concerning the aspects of the operation and risks involved.

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