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Anxiety Chest Pain Attacks

Anxiety chest pain can be a very frightening experience. Since many of the symptoms of anxiety are the same as for a heart attack the anxiety sufferer is at times not certain what to do. Of course the wise thing to do when chest pain is involved is to go to the emergency room immediately. But what if you doctor has already diagnosed you in the past as having anxiety attacks and assured you there is nothing wrong with your heart. Then what?

As stated earlier if you are not completely sure you are having anxiety chest pain it is safer to go to the emergency room instead of taking any chances. However, below are a few tips on how you may be able to tell the difference between a true heart attack and chest pain caused by a panic attack.

For one thing the pain from a heart attack is much more severe and will usually last a lot longer. If you have had anxiety chest pain before and you are feeling sensations that go beyond your previous experiences you should go to the hospital immediately.

Pain from a heart attack will sit in the center of the chest and will not let up with moving around. In fact moving around can be almost impossible as the pain makes you feel as if your chest is being crushed by an enormous weight.

If you are having anxiety chest pain your symptoms will usually start to ease up within around 10 minutes from the time they begin. Although they may be somewhat severe it will not prevent you from moving around and if you can get your mind on something else it will possibly ease up.

If the pain you are feeling is very acute, above the heart and breathing in and out increases it, more than likely it is from an anxiety attack, especially if it only last a few minutes.

Anxiety attacks usually begin when an individuals feels threatened, whether real or imagined. The physical reason is because when the mind sees a threat the body reacts by producing a large amount of adrenaline. In the past our bodies used this adrenaline in the fight or flight scenario. The adrenaline would give the body extra energy to either stand up to a threat or run away from it if it was too strong. In the modern world the body may not see a predator but it will still produce the adrenaline if there is a fear of danger. Two things that adrenaline will do is speed up the heart rate and contract the muscles. This is what produces the anxiety chest pain.

The best thing for anyone with anxiety attacks to do is to go to their doctor to get diagnosed and have their heart checked thoroughly. If the results show the heart has no problems then the patient can at least have a little piece of mind knowing that no physical harm is going to happen to them and they can start dealing more directly with their anxiety problem.

In closing I do want to emphasize once again if you are not certain you are having anxiety chest pain it is best to go to the hospital. This is always the safest thing to do considering if it is a heart attack the sooner you receive treatment the better your chances are of surviving it.

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